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Some Tools I’ve Made:

String-extractor – A tool for extracting strings from binary data (PE/EXE). This is useful tool in reverse engineering to capture if there any flags exist. Made with .NET , base on strings2 with With graphical Windows form.

PANScanner – A tool to find any Payment Account Number (PAN Number) or Credit Card format number in a drive (windows based) .

What i am interested in:

Learning Islam, AlQuran & Hadist, Jihad & Syahid, Spreading a truly islam, Science, Solar System, IT things, Bug bounty hunting, Code Reversing, Proof Of Concept Programming, Solving Social Problem, Giving direction, Influencing peoples, Negotiating, Blog writing, Discovering the unknown things, Optimize everything that can be optimized, the last one is DOTA 1 the king of MOBA Gaming

Things I Don’t like:

Syirik, Jahanam, Sins, violating God’s commands, everything about RIBA, The whisper of the devil, Satanic Trap, Third Temple Of Solomon Conspiracy, Silliness, Cruelty, Failure, Noise, Betrayal, Something without clear direction, Guilty feels, watch debating idiots, Arrogancy, Crowd, Punishment and Suffering.

Who Most Influencing Me:

My God’s commands, My Prophet Muhammad with His Meaningful Words, My Father, My Mother, Story of Umar Bin Khatab and Zubair Bin Awwam, Al Fikh Al Akbar From Abu Hanifa, Imam Bukhori & Muslim, Khalid Basalamah, Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat, Abdur Raheem Green, Rumaysho , Internet


Al-Quran, Shahih Muslim, Ringkasan Shahih Bukhori, Hadist Qudsi (Drs. Moh. Syamsi Hasan), x86 Assembly Languange, The Art Of Memory Forensic, Practical Binary Analysis, Reverse Engineering Obfuscation